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I'm a Bay Area-based independent author (as in, not in bookstores with a publisher).  I have wanted to be a novelist since I was around 10 years old and discovered I had a love of expressing myself through writing and the power of stories to impact people's lives.  I started dabbling in long-form writing in high school and by the time I finished college, I had my first true novel written.  It was only recently, however, that I had the courage to really put it out there for the first time.  I still can't quite wrap my head around  the idea that I have fans, but if you are one, please know that I appreciate your support and favorable reviews of my work in a way I can't truly express with mere words.

In my day-to-day life, I work for the state of California as a climate change policy analyst and advocate.  I believe in public service and using my skills to make the world better for everyone.  Along those lines, I have a Master's degree in Public Policy from the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs.

My first novel, World Incorporated, was political and science fiction, but I have ideas for imaginative stories in all kinds of genres.  I hope to start working on many of these ideas in earnest to get more novels out to you soon.

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